Bespoke Fancy Waitcoats

Our custom-tailored suits are handcrafted to ensure the most accurate shaping of the fabric, from cut to finish.

The art of these methods produce body and form, detail and durability, and exacting consistency for the highest standards to mark out a suit of true distinction.

We specialise in any shape, bespoke made to suit personal preference and physique, offering a practical solution to all perplexities. Individual designs can also be created to provide you a unique garment for special occasions.

Learn more about the full process from start to finish.

Designer Alterations

We take care to ensure high quality craftsmanship on complex alterations or general repairs.

Bespoke Handmade Tailoring

Our philosophy is to tailor suits that fit you infinitely, that is as unique to you as your fingerprint. The work is exceptionally high and is of exact standards to that of Saville Row.

We use the finest fabrics.

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